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Job description
• Data/Insight Gathering and Analysis
• Conducts periodic data and insight gathering (via market scanning, surveys, interviews,
feedback, post event evaluation, etc.) to understand trends, competition and their
activities, and behavior of both current and prospective parents/students.
• Defines the profile of the target market, its segments and the channels where they can be
reached in effective and cost-efficient ways.
• Presents the analysis and recommendations to ensure that marketing strategies and
activities are targeted to address market needs and wants.
• Creates a marketing mix that will be implemented throughout the year for each campus
with goals of getting more inquiries/applications and translating them to enrollment. The
marketing mix should have components of brand building, co-branding and strategic
networking and strategic partnerships with creative/PR agencies, influencers, and feeder.
Sets metrics for the year-round campaigns, and identifies the resources needed to achieve
these metrics.
• Manages the content and production of the various touch points of external
communications via website, social media and search engine optimization, print (posters,
flyers, articles)/digital/outdoor (signages, tarpaulins and billboards) and other forms of
advertising. Follow the protocols of approvals before the materials are posted, released,
advertised or sent out.
• Defining unique long-term personality and image of the brand
• Puts together a brand guide that will be used for all promotional materials and activities
for each campus. The brand guide should dictate the brand character (Jesuit spirituality,
6Cs, excellent location, among others) and provide details on how it will be represented
in various marketing collaterals and activities (colors, fonts, placement of logo,
specifications on images to be used, among others). Ensures that all marketing designs
are cohesive and will distinguish the brand from others in their areas.
• Crafts statements that will clearly communicate the unique benefits and value
• Protects privacy by adhering to the Data Privacy Act and protocols regarding
confidentiality and privacy of community members.
• Coordinates with the neighboring LGUs and other relevant organizations and recommends
activities that will help increase visibility in their respective area.
• Performs other tasks that may be required by the position.
• Bachelor’s degree graduate
• At least 5 years of experience in the same capacity
• Good oral and written communication skills
• Savvy with digital marketing tools and various social media platforms.
• Must be willing to work in San Juan City