Resource Management Outsourcing 
Providing skilled Professionals for a given period without the need to hire directly


Managed Services
Outsourcing the needed professionals for specific operational needs of the organization


Contract to Hire
Testing and fit of a skilled professional by outsourcing initially for 6 months


Train and Deploy
Training to ensure readiness of resources for specific skills needed by enterprises


Recruitment Outsourcing
Screening, and Identifying executives, staff, and IT/Technology Professionals for placement


Start Building Your Own Career!

iResource Way

At I-Resource Consulting, we recognize that finding Top-notch IT Talents quickly is crucial priority for our clients.

Our experienced Resource Consultants are proficient in matching a client’s requirement with the ideal candidate while recognizing budgetary constraints in the process. Our well regarded reputation with clients have been developed and maintained based on the quality of our candidates. We are committed to client service first, and we constantly strive for professional excellence.

Whatever your business needs may be, I-Resource Consulting is committed to exceeding your recruiting expectations.