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Onsite System Engineer – Laguna

Job Description:
1. Knowledge in System Planning. Study and plan IT resources needed in line with company
direction and needs.
2. Knowledge in Preventive Maintenance. Pro-active maintenance to prevent unavailability or
failure in IT resource.
3. Corrective maintenance. Post-active maintenance to solve problems to minimize stoppage on
4. Knowledge in installation and configuration of computer hardware, software, operating system
and application.
5. Knowledge in monitoring and maintaining computer system, network, printer and server.
6. Communicates with vendors through series of action set up the system or resolve the issues.
7. Knowledge in troubleshooting network and system including diagnosing and solving hardware
and software faults.
8. Support the roll out of new application.
9. Manage PC set up and development to new employee.
10. Responsible in PC, printer, server and network troubleshooting and administration.
11. Create and update IT System documentation.
12. Support and administration of drawing and rendering software such as AutoCAD, ArchiCAD,
Sketchup, etc.
13. Regular system preventive maintenance that includes syslog check, back up monitoring, etc.
14. Coordination works with third party vendors.
1. Graduate/Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology and other computer related/equivalent
2. More than average knowledge and skills in server system design, maintenance, documentation,
3. More than average knowledge in Microsoft Server System (Linux System is a plus)
4. At-least three (3) years of experience in Information Technology industry or equivalent
5. Understands Business Operations, IT Solutions and Services and Customer Service.
6. Skilled with:
a. EDR, Active Directory, Windows Update Service
b. Backup System (Acronis, Symantec)
c. Window Base File Server, AD.
d. Office Automation Software (MS Office, Adobe Acrobat, etc.)
e. Hardware (Office PC, Inkjet Printer, Desktop Scanner, Laser Printer, Projector, etc.)
f. Multi-function Printer/Plotters
g. Hardware (CAD Workstations)
7. Good communication skills.
8. Can work under minimum supervision.