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IT Resource Augmentation

To put it simply, it's like having a superhero team/third-party task force on standby for your IT projects. We bring in skilled professionals when you need them, no strings attached.

A Pioneer in Philippines: Our Flagship Service

“It’s like
Outsourcing -
but a lot easier.”

What Makes It Easier?

  • Tailored Talent: Get the exact skills your project demands, precisely when you need them. (Demand-Based)
  • Flexibility Rules: Scale your team up or down based on your project's rhythm. No more unnecessary overheads. (6mos-12mos)
  • Budget-Friendly: Invest in expertise only when necessary. Cut costs without compromising quality.
  • Easy Integration: Our experts seamlessly blend into your team, making collaboration smooth and stress-free.

Abides by your Company Policy and Standards

We provide the Equipment & Facilities

Hands-on Performance Management

Hired as Our Own Resource.

Over 30k+ in Talent Pool

Simplified On/Offboarding


We provide specialized outsourced professionals to handle specific aspects of your business operations like HR, Bookkeeping, Customer Service, and a lot more.

Contract to

From our augmented resource pool, you can evaluate your selected candidates through an initial six-month outsourcing arrangement.


Screening and identifying executives, staff, and IT/Technology Professionals, streamlining your talent acquisition process.

Simplified Process:


Discovery Session

Begin by assessing project requirements and current IT team skill gaps, analyzing ongoing and upcoming projects, and determining the needed expertise.


Defining Job Descriptions

Define specific roles, including technical skills, experience levels, project duration, and responsibilities for augmented resources.


Candidate Search

iRC International utilizes its network to source suitable candidates, either from a pre-existing talent pool or through targeted recruitment efforts.


Screening, Evaluation, Salary Negotiation

Screen candidates based on defined job descriptions, evaluating technical skills, experience, and cultural fit through interviews, tests, or reference checks.



Once approved by the client, onboard selected candidates to the project, providing necessary training and integrating them with the existing IT team.

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